Need an internal “marketing person” rather than an agency or inexperienced intern to handle SEM, social media, PR, analytics, etc., but don’t need it to be a full-time? We’ve got you covered.

Need another hand in customer development, but can’t afford the time explaining what that means to a new hire? We’ll hit the ground running.

Just realized that many of your users come from Japan and you want to try something to leverage that while keeping on a small budget? We can provide ideas, localization and support.

Has somebody offered to buy your company, but you have no idea what to do? No worries. We’ll help through objective advice based on deep experience.


We provide truly tailored consulting and contract services in business side of spectrum. There are no set “solutions”. You set the goals and we’ll bring our skills, experiences, and brains to meet the challenges with you. Flexible, efficient and on-demand.