Startups are unique creatures.

The way they think and operate is quite different from what’s expected in established companies. Startups are ever-changing institutions that require a certain mind-set, know-how, skills and experience. There are only two constants in startups: limited resources and extreme uncertainty.

Startup Navigators helps startups move smarter and faster towards success by removing roadblocks efficiently and flexibly. We understand startups’ unique challenges and have the experience and know-how to help overcome the nascent business challenges you’ll face along the way.



Principal: Yuki Sekiguchi

Yuki has extensive experience with technology startups as both an outside consultant and startup company executive, enabling her to effectively address both strategic and operational challenges. Yuki particularly enjoys assisting startups at the growth stage of 1 to 100, rather than from 0 to 1 or from 100 to 100,000.

After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Yuki started her career as a management consultant. She served Fortune 500 clients at PwC Consulting and IBM Business Consulting Services, bringing together corporate strategies and innovative technology solutions.

Several years later, she moved to Silicon Valley and became a Vice President at Intelligent Capital, a boutique M&A advisory firm in San Francisco.  While there, she helped technology-focused early stage startups locate and engage with partners interested in acquisition and able to leverage complementary resources to further grow and expand the startups’ technology and business.

Most recently, she became COO of Lunascape Inc., the Silicon Valley entity of a VC-backed Japanese software startup. She established all aspects of the U.S. operations and led the company to a 1 million+ user base in a short amount of time, despite operating in the highly competitive Web browser space.

Yuki also started the Japanese language blog ”tech venture business” in 2006 and is its sole author.  Her writings have a strong following and have led many entrepreneurs and startups in her home country Japan to request assistance with their execution and business challenges.